So Hectic

“Where do you find the time?” That is probably my most frequently asked question. To which my most frequent answer involves the raising of my shoulders because I honestly have no idea. I just…do.

It kind of breeds an awkward moment because sometimes I feel like the person asking is genuinely looking for an answer. Like I’m going to whip out a bottled formula of Time Finder from my back pocket. I wish.

The truth is I’ve got a lot on my plate! I’m a devoted wife, a loving mother, a loyal friend. I’ve got a business, I adore food and fashion. ¬†I’m a pop culture junkie and a hip hop aficionado. I’m also a Pisces who loves sunset walks on the beach.

But the last thing I want to do is falsely impersonate someone who has it all together because the truth is  parenting is HARD, maintaining a happy marriage is a JOB, starting a business is TERRIFYING and my life is one huge juggling act!

What I want people to know is what I wished somebody would have told me long ago. That things don’t have to go as planned to turn out perfect. That the journey, not the destination, is the best part. And that chaos sometimes gives birth to absolute splendor. There is joy to be found in all the little hectic moments that life has to offer. Here are a few of mine.