And we’re LIVE!!! …Now what?

After much thought, consideration and encouragement (if you describe encouragement as your friends and family yelling at you) I’ve decided to take the plunge! Im cannon-balling right into the deep end of blogging. YAYYYY! Got myself a content calendar and a domain name *does a little twerk*

But er….um…. Whats next?

Am I supposed to write awesome posts to gain an audience? Or am I supposed to save my awesome posts for when I have readers? Because otherwise I’m just talking to myself.





2 thoughts on “And we’re LIVE!!! …Now what?

  1. ranishaislove says:

    When you find your niche you’ll figure it out. How long will it take you to see this comment? It’s very important to update so we know your still alive and everything is ok. If you have to talk to yourself then you just explained why you blog because end the end it’s your voice and everyone don’t have the same purpose as you good luck. 💜


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