Happy Small Business Week!

This year’s National Small Business Week’s theme happens to be ‘Dream Big, Start Small’.

I’ve often heard the saying ‘Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will’. And man, truer words have never been spoken. Too often we have these “lofty ideas” that we never bring to fruition because we don’t know where to start. Or we’re afraid of failing. And more often than not, its not the actual failing that we’re afraid of…its the failing in front of an audience that keeps us from even trying. But you gotta remember that if God is for you than WHO can be against you? In other words, who gonna check you boo?!

The truth is most small business owners are not without some apprehension (the ones that I know anyway) but we are energetic, focused and multi-taskers by nature. And thats what sets us apart from the pack. We’re like superheroes really (How humble of me, right?) But think about it. Most of us have husbands, children and homes to take care of, throw in a demanding 9-5 and you’ve got yourself a full day already. But any small business owner knows that at the end of the day we’re JUST getting started!

Its ok to crawl before you walk. As long as what you’re doing is purposeful and true to who you are then theres no reason why those lofty ideas wont become reality. Once you combine grace with grind you WILL begin to see things fall into place. You just have to commit to taking things one step at a time.

#HappySmallBusinessWeek to all the movers, shakers, doers and makers out there!


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