And I’m gonna show ya
What’s really crazy
You should’ve known better
Then to mess with me, honey
-Rita Ora, Black Widow

Well Rita, I think you should’ve known better than to be spooning another woman’s husband.

The idea that a 24 year old woman is unaware of what is or is not appropriate interaction with a married man is perplexing to me. I have to wonder if chicks nowadays are simply more brazen…or just dumber than dirt. I am almost certain that the Black Widow songstress would not appreciate another woman coming up from behind and snuggling with her man. I mean for all intents and purposes the pic that’s been circulating the internet shows what looks like a couple boo-ed up in a club.

Although the power couple (Jay and Bey, not Jay and Rita as the picture would suggest) rarely even try to do damage control, they just let the headlines linger (I love/hate that about them), I imagine a Rita release statement would be something along the lines of “He’s like a big brother/father to me”. Ummmmmm, NO. He’s like a boss to you. I presume he’s mentoring you, grooming you for the business, and teaching you how to ‘move in a room full of vultures’. And if that’s the case he’s not fulfilling a fatherly role, he’s fulfilling his job description.

Somebody needs to hold a master class for these little girls before somebody gets hurt.
Just my thoughts…


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