Cant Stop, Wont Stop

What a difference a week makes! This time last week I was ready to give up. throw in the towel. Call it quits.

I had ran into a snag that was keeping me from fulfilling an order on time. (My largest Embellish order to date!) One of my kids was in trouble at school. I lost my debit card, my phone broke (btw, i never realized how often i screenshot until i couldn’t!) and my damn stretch marks were getting on my nerves more than usual. Not to mention I had been prepping for a vendor event and NOTHING was going as planned. Ugh! My faith was being TESTED! I couldn’t decide if this was God’s way of challenging me…or God’s way of telling me to have several seats.

And then my husband (bless his heart) tried to comfort me by telling me that I was a great wife and mother and that’s all that counted. Really dude? So…self fulfillment, building a brand, exploring my purpose…all that is secondary to being wifey and birthing babies? (Yeah, I was in my feelings)

I wanted to crawl up in my mama’s bed and go to sleep. But oh yeah…my mom lives 4 states away…and I’m 34. #SideEyeToMyself

Luckily I have been able forge friendships with women of substance. Two of which were able to grab my hand and pull me off of the proverbial ledge. Thanks to #Stephers for coming through with the wine and #Bex for lending her ear. They both helped me to put things into perspective, normalize my frustrations and concentrate on the ultimate goals. Now here I stand, a week later. I’m feeling more focused, more creative and hungrier than ever!
I’ve got to believe that being faced with opposition is a part of the process. It forces self reflection and it reminds you how resilient you actually are. It teaches you to be flexible and to roll with the punches. Its impossible to see the big picture unless you take a moment to step back and take it all in. Its only then that you can even see whats working and what adjustments need to be made. Grace under pressure is a skill that needs to be honed like any other. After all, there’s no testimony without a test, right?


At the end of the day, I cant help but to reflect on the profound advice from our beloved Uncle Luke: Don’t stop…get it, get it. Enough said.

#BuiltForThisAndMore  #ImFocusedMaaan  #StretchMarksOnFleek #Refocus #HerHecticLife


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