Thankful, Today and Always.


For me life is and will always be about finding joy in the organized chaos that swarms around me. Today is no different. Thanksgiving morning in this #HecticHouse consists of my youngest running around in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume as I baste my bird and prep my pies. My hair is in a messy top knot while L-Boogs keeps messing with that one bantu knot that keeps unraveling. The teen and tween are still asleep (like they worked third shift or something) and the hubs is no doubt upstairs watching Hulu and on his laptop simultaniously. I’m about to call him down to help me add the leaf to the dining table because I’m about to #Embellish it. …but not before DJ and I hit the Quan and Nae Nae real quick. (Bop-bop-boppin’ got my thighs on FIRE!) The Macy’s parade is on in the background and my phone is buzzing with HTG mass texts and #ThanksgivingClapback memes. And I just realized that I need more sugar…

I’m thankful for all of it.



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