Look Back At It! (and by it, I mean 2015)

As I reflect back on this past year all I can do is smile. Although my mind continues to be flooded with all that I want to do in 2016, I cant help but to look back on 2015 and be like ‘Damn girl, you did that!’

I can truly say that 2015 was the year that I decided to cast out doubt and insecurities and stepped out on faith. I took something that I’ve been “doing for people” and established a business. I also started this blog as a release for some of the random thoughts and occurrences of my very hectic life. Both of which required me to not just realize but to affirm and stand in the conviction that I am good enough. And you know what…not only am I good enough, but I friggin’ ROCK!

Not to say that I didn’t have days where I just wanted to say nevermind, this journey is too scary. Or that there weren’t times that I felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me. But it was during those times that I learned that I was built for this.

I feel like I’ve laid the blueprints for all that is possible to accomplish. Everything that I’ve been able to do in ’15 got me rolling into 2016 with a chip on my shoulder.

If 2015 was about cultivating the vision, assembling the squad and developing the plan…then 2016 will be about chasing down these goals with reckless abandon! I have so much in store for not just Embellish and Her Hectic Life, but also for my husband, my kids, my friends & family…and MYSELF!

2016 is going to be EPIC!

What are you most excited about for 2016?

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One thought on “Look Back At It! (and by it, I mean 2015)

  1. Margaret says:

    I am thankful for the things that matter most in this life, my relationships. My relationship with God, my creator, sustainer, my “rock” that is higher than I. My relationships with my family and friends, the fearless and intelligent women in my wheelhouse.
    For every good and perfect gift that God has bestowed upon me…I am grateful!

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