Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself!

Well I’m Lia and initially I started my blog, Her Hectic Life, as simply an outlet. I’ve got a lot going on…to say the least. My life is one big juggling act and there’s always at least one plate in the air. People ask me all the time ‘how do you do it’ or ‘where do you find the time’. And the truth is…most times I feel like I fall short! But what I’ve learned for sure is that life isn’t at all about a perfectly posed family in an immaculate home even though that’s what many would have you believe. LIFE is the byproduct of trying to figure it all out. The joy is in the journey.

Before now my posts have been few and far between but this year I plan on providing a lot more content so I figured I’d throw out a little background info about what exactly makes my life so darn hectic!

Although I currently live and love in Virginia, I’m a New York girl at heart. So yes, I keep a fresh pair of Timbs and I know that the most urgent question that a DJ can ask is “Where Brooklyn at?!” Aside from family, I miss The Museum of Natural History, bodegas and pizza the most.

I’m an 80’s baby and I love to d.i.y. Music makes me happy and my favorite color is purple. I don’t have a favorite food because I love ALL the food. Entertaining is my thing! Planning and list making make my heart smile.

My husband and I have been married for ten years. I’m a WAHM and he has a nine to five but between us we have a few entrepreneurial ventures that you’ll hear more about. We have four children and we are also raising our nephew. So we have a teenager, a tween, 2 elementary kids and a preschooler…all are hilarious in their own way. Between them they attend 3 different schools (4 come September), are involved in football, basketball, cheerleading, Princess Club, student ambassador programs and chorus. Not to mention the hubs is a basketball coach and I’ve been recruited to coach cheerleading for the upcoming football season.

What you can expect from this blog is chit chat about saving money, keeping it spicy in a marriage, mom guilt and exploring your purpose. And what’s a blog without a random rant here and there?! Fare warning though…I’m not always politically correct and sarcasm is my second language. My posts will be sprinkled with pop culture references and peppered occasionally with hip hop vernacular.

My life is by no means perfect…but I’m perfectly happy with my hectic life! Its my hope that others will find a sense of normalcy in their life’s imperfections as well. Happy reading!

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