Date Night: Its cheaper than therapy.

Hubby and I have been married for ten years. Although that’s not a terribly long time in the big scheme of things, we tend to find that amongst most of our married friends we are usually the ‘OG couple’, so to speak. So every now and again we’re asked for

advice on how to keep the love going strong. To which my immediate response is usually “Chile! PRAYER and WINE!”

But no, really…The single best advice that I can offer is to make date night a priority. Its the best advice because its something that literally every couple, in any stage of their relationship, can benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just gotten engaged or have been married for decades. Whether every thing is peachy-keen or if you guys have been on each other’s nerves lately [because lets face it, we all experience ebbs and flows in partnerships].  Its probably the only one-size-fits-all advice for couples.

Date night allows a couple to nurture their fundamental relationship as romantic partners. Not as parents, not as household contributors. Its way too easy to let all the hustle and bustle of married life take precedence over maintaining the foundation from which all of that organized chaos started from!

While I do recommend writing date night into your budget, you don’t have to look at it as a luxury expense. Date nights don’t always have to be costly. Keep in mind that the benefit of date night comes from merely setting aside time alone with your mate. Your marriage is invigorated whenever the two of you are able to focus on just each other. So for every night out on the town that you have, you can plan 3 dates where you just stroll a park, get some car-side to-go and take it to the beach or simply call an early bedtime for the rugrats while the two of you lock your bedroom door and Netflix & chill.

A few ideas to make the most of your date night:

Ink the deal! Be proactive and put date night ON THE CALENDAR! There is no other surefire way to let date night fall by the waste side than to say ‘you will’…one day. Remember, ideas written down become plans! Ideally you should plan for once a week. And picking the same day is another great way to ensure that your hot date doesnt keep getting pushed to the back burner. Dont work it into #YourHecticSchedule rather schedule everything else around your standing date night!  Because of our work schedules, hubby and I know that for us Tuesday evening is the best time for us to plan our escape. So Tuesdays is our official Date Night. What time frame works best for you and your significant other?

Dress for the occasion! Now, I’m not saying you’ve got to go in the back of that closet and pull out that freak ’em dress. But why not forego the Uggs and throw on a pair of heels with your favorite skinny jeans instead? All you can muster up is a ponytail? Go for a seductive side ponytail instead. Anything to let him know that he’s still worth [at least slightly] more effort than if you were just running to the store for bread.

Leave the kids at home! Well of course you’re leaving the kids with their Nana & Gramps or the neighbor’s teen daughter is coming over so you two can head out! Duh! But I don’t mean just physically. Leave the kids home MENTALLY as well…and the bills…and your job… Now is not the time to talk about the vet bill or the email from little Noah’s teacher.

Touch each other! Hold hands. Be flirtatious and occasionally touch him while you talk. Rest your hand on his thigh when you’re sitting side by side. Remember that side pony you’re rocking? Invite your man to lean in and kiss your neck. You want to connect and the easiest and most literal way to do that is through physical touch. Something my husband and I have done since our first date and we still continue to do is hold hands while he’s driving. We actually do it whether its date night or not. I think literally the only time we don’t is if we’re in the middle of arguing.

Although the busier you are, the harder it may seem to squeeze in a date night, reality is the busier you are the more of a necessity date night is!

What are some of your suggestions or tips about getting some alone time?

And who caught that #Beyonce song reference? lol

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10 thoughts on “Date Night: Its cheaper than therapy.

  1. Dana Spratley says:

    We have actively been having date night on Friday’s since our oldest turned 7. Even if it isn’t anything but ordering take out and watching a movie at home, we do something. I love that we aren’t the only ones who know we all need a little alone time.


      • sonofabeach96 says:

        Most times we will go out. It doesn’t have to be “night” either. Afternoon of flea marketing, an overnight to Chicago, etc. But sometimes, if Nana wants to take em to a movie on a Sunday, or something similar, we may just have our “date” right here at home. To us, where we are isn’t super important. What is important is that it’s just the two of us. Yeah, date night is great. 😃

        Liked by 1 person

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