Questions of Love by Ranisha Grice!

So earlier this week I was honored to have been selected by a fellow blogger, Ranisha Grice of Charms of Love,  to answer a set of questions. Just as another blogger had done her in this post. I was one of eleven other bloggers that she passed the baton to! Here are my answers:

What means so much to you and why?

At the risk of sounding extra cliche, I must say my family. They mean EVERYTHING to me! My husband and children are my drive and inspiration. Like… 95% of everything I do is because I want to make them proud and also set a standard of greatness within #TeamTodd.

What are your traveling goals? When and where do you plan to go?

One of my main traveling goals is for a destination women’s retreat & conference in the next year or so. I’ve had the pleasure to meet with some pretty dope, business savvy ladies so one of my good friends and fellow business builders and I will be planning a Caribbean getaway for #BossChicks. It will be part pampering and part networking for female entrepreneurs. I definitely encourage everyone to stay tuned for that!

What are some of the ways you are growing in your business?

Im definitely growing along the lines of partnerships. Recognizing the importance of camaraderie and not competition amongst other business builders has been a plus. Being around like minded people has helped me grow not only as a business, but as a person. #LoveMyTeam #LoveMySquad #LoveMyTribe

What days do you set aside just for you? Days you don’t check no email and no business?

I try my absolute best not to even look at my email on Saturday evenings and Sundays. That’s not always possible depending on my schedule…but I try! I wish I did have a set day and time for just me…but the way my life is set up…

If you could give your readers/viewers any advice what would it be? Why?

In order to truly step into your purpose, you’ve got to step outside of your comfort zone. Nothing amazing ever comes from playing it too safe. If your dreams don’t scare the $%*# out of you then they aren’t big enough! And just DO IT! Don’t wait for the right time because the “right time” will never come! Small steps lead to great strides, so everyday do something (big or small) that gets you closer to your goals. Complacency and procrastination are our worst enemies. Don’t let them win.


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