*plops on bed*

What a whirlwind of a day! I’ve been up since six a.m. (which probably hasn’t happened on a Saturday since I was 6!) And although my feet are tired I’m not nearly as exhausted as one might think. In fact, quite the opposite. I am feeling invigorated and all the way hyped!

I had back to back vendor events today. The first of which Embellish was a featured vendor. Sales were lackluster but I was able to secure several orders and build the email list (yay!). What’s just as awesome though, was to see the support that my friends continue to give. I am so honored, humbled and thrilled to know that I have a handful of supporters who show up to my events. So a huge shout out to the hubby, Kenisha and Regina. I’m glad to be at a stage in my life where my circle consists of genuine, encouraging people.

The second vendor event, I attended with another member of the #squad and we were able to network with tons of other women business builders in our area. It was nothing short of amazing! From our first encounter at the event we were invigorated, challenged and received confirmation that we are walking in our purpose as #mommypreneurs. We made authentic connections and left feeling inspired about expanding our territory.

So yes, its been a long day…but I loved every minute of it! So in short I remind you all that when you love what you’re doing and you build the right tribe…even the busiest days don’t seem like work. 

#TheresJoyInTheJourney #ExpandYourTerritory


3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Dana U Spratley says:

    I am so glad you had some support from your friends. So sorry that I couldn’t make it today and I had a prior engagement. I will try my best to make it to your next engagement please keep me inform like you have been doing love you.

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