10 Ways Lemonade Gave Me Everlasting Life!

Saturday afternoon as we all counted down to what we now know as the real B-day, I posted on Facebook speculating about Lemonade being Bey’s next visual album. We all knew that’s what it had to be (…we all knew that, right?). I mean she couldn’t possibly go on a national tour sans new music.
Anywho, when I posted I was asked if I really was a Bey fan…

*lays hand over chest* Ummm…yeah!

But I actually didn’t even understand the question at first. I couldn’t figure out what being a fan had to do with it because fan or not we’re all watching this together. #WorldStop And I’ll be damned if I’m the only one who doesn’t understand any of the memes for the next two weeks!

Lemonade was SO much more than simply a collection of music videos though. It was a journey. Superficially the journey is about a woman healing from infidelity. But you barely have to scratch the surface to realize that the journey was much more. The journey was of Black women, period. This mini film is the story of ‘us’ breaking generational curses, finding our strength, discovering our worth and alas, redemption.

So here were the top 10 reasons that I GOT MY LIFE during the premier of Lemonade.

And let me preface this by saying that these are just the initial ways because I absolutely plan on watching it at least 2 more times this week and dissect it for the meat!

1. It was a platform for a conversation about and between black women near and far. For 60 minutes (and at least another 60 afterwards) I had delightful banter with friends and strangers alike…albeit 140 characters at a time. I was texting and tweeting one minute and trying to keep up with my Facebook timeline the next. I even attended a Lemonade viewing party via Periscope. It was Ladies Night on uppers!

2. Lemonade is 100% unfiltered, unapologetic, Afro-Centric feminism. It’s always refreshing when an artist (or anyone, for that matter) stands in their truth especially when there’s much to gain if they don’t. There seems to be an overwhelming need to please the masses and be cookie cutter, manufactured versions of ourselves. Beyonce has every reason to ‘play it safe’ in order to solidify her place as Queen and to not ‘rock the boat’ and upset ‘massah’. But ‘Yonce said puppet strings be damned! Oh y’all thought because Bey sports long golden tresses and wears Tom Ford and Givenchy that she wasn’t woke?! *sucks teeth*

3. ReRe! No, not RiRi…ReRe! How long have we all been seeing/hearing/reading whispers about how ‘masculine’ Serena Williams is? Well with those killer curves, chocolate skin and that all-eyes-on-me strut, Serena said “Masculine where?! #TellEmBoyBye!” And did you see how Ms. Williams was twerking and body rolling ‘fo the GAWDS’, honey?! I was ready to make her my sister-wife, I kid you not. #Sorry, I ain’t sorry!

4. That glimpse of Bey’s pregnant belly. ‘Yonce guards her private life like the crypt keeper so to see a candid, intimate moment, you cant help but to say “awww!” Plus Beyonce was my preggo buddy. So whenever I see pics of her when she was carrying Blue Ivy it automatically reminds me of when I was pregnant with my last little one.

5 and 6 were the visuals! Between the settings and costume designs, I was enamored! There was fire, there was water. There was full rich color, there was black & white. There was pretty, there was grit. Lemonade gives us weeks, maybe months worth of imagery to take in and scrutinize.

5. Each set was meticulously staged. The composition of every frame kept your eyes dancing around the screen. There was so much to absorb that I’m confident when I watch it again it will be like the first time. The lighting itself was like a character in the story. It guided us how to feel through each chapter. We went from dark and moody to warm and fuzzy and back. (Its the lighting that had me low key scared that I was being inducted into a cult at one point.)

6. The garb! I don’t know where to begin or end. I do know that I saw homage being paid across the #BlackGirlMagic spectrum. From Nefertiti to Carmen Jones and so many in between. My head is spinning as I recall all of the wearable art. Breathtaking. The clothing provided points of reference for the mood and tone of every stop along the journey. Beyonce is the queen of alter ego and Lemonade served as the runway for the ultimate series of persona shifts. From hoodies to floor length furs, Bey served the kids!

7. The Hashtag Ministry! Your girl was throwing out one liners like the shade of an old Savannah Oak, far and wide. And I was there for it! I’m in the Embellish Studio NOW getting my coffee mug life together.
#DustToSideChicks #MiddleFingersUp #TenOutOfNine



This! This is my safe place. Whenever my husband pulls me in by the waist and leans into the crook of my neck I know all is well. We’ll stand there as I caress the back of his neck for a lifetime…until his hands eventually travel down to my butt and I have to fake-swat his hands away for being fresh. So this frame of Mr. and Mrs. Carter gave me all the feels.

9. Social justice commentary. This one is obvious to even those who lack melanin. Most notably for me though was Amadou Diallo. Because I remember when the not guilty verdict came down for the 4 cops that pumped 41 bullets into a young black man armed with a wallet. I was in high school when the 23 year old was murdered while minding his business on his doorstep. I think that was my first time really comprehending that the systems that are in place are STILL not for us. The Diallo case is what #woke me up.

10. If you didnt find inspiration to be better, do better and want better then you’re dead inside. It’s as simple as that. You can say what you want about Beyonce Knowles, and many do. You don’t have to like her voice or her songs, you don’t have to think she’s pretty or interviews well…but you WILL respect the genius that is Beyonce!

So did I drink the Kool-Aid Lemonade? Yup, straight guzzled it!

#Lemonade #Formation #HerHecticLife #DaddyLessons #Juggernaut #Growth #Beyonce #JayZ


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