Happy Mother’s Day!

My heart is full this Mother’s Day afternoon. Not because of the gifts or the breakfast in bed. Not because of this mango and Martin & Rossi that I’m about to crush in PEACE since the hubby took the kids fishing in an effort to reward me some quiet time.

My heart is full because this year, Mother’s Day has caught me on a day that I am feeling like a true #SuperMom! On any other given Sunday that’s not necessarily the case. Motherhood is the most nerve wracking of life duties that one will ever fulfill. And I don’t always feel so super doing it.

If we can be transparent for a second… Am I the only mom who sometimes feels like I’m not doing it right, I’m drowning in responsibilities, and ultimately screwing up my kids? This ish is HARD! Its during those times though, that I remind myself that the goal is progress and not perfection. Timeouts aren’t just for toddlers. Sometimes you’ve got to pull your self to the side and recognized that your  blessings and mommy successes far outweigh the hardships or mommy missteps.

Today though…today I am feeling like I just might have a knack for this. Looking into the faces of the most courageous, deep thinking, caring, thriving and FUN kids I know…as they praise and gift ME had me all choked up. Its like “wow…they’re mine”. Those moments are where I find confirmation that not only am I enough, but I slay this mommy thing!

So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mommies out there who are doing their best but not always giving themselves enough credit!

#HappyMothersDay #YouAreEnough #MotherhoodIsHard!


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