Lebron Lessons

Perserverence is key! When you’re up against all odds is when you get to show people what you’re made of. Too often we get stuck in the “brainstorming” phase or the planning stage. We linger in this limbo because we’re too busy calculating risks and analyzing odds. One of the Tribe Members calls this analysis paralysis

So whats that got to do with BronBron? Well, looking at my social media timelines, which had previously been divided about 60/40, Golden State, were pretty one sided last night. Only the Cleveland fans seemed to be awake. Could it be possible that all of the Warrior fans had fallen asleep on the game? Or were they all just in their feelings? Most likely the latter. 

But nonetheless, one by one even some of the die hard #KingJames haters are giving him props this morning. His greatness is undeniable…even if people are only willing to admit it for a quick sec. (As I fully expect most of these posts to be deleted by lunchtime)

Think about it. This man rallied his team to win a championship for his city…in game 7…after being down 3 to 1…on the other team’s home turf. The man had a goal. The end. It didnt matter how many teams before his had ever come back from that 3 to 1 deficit or how many people counted him out long before the season even started. What counted was that HE never counted himself out. Perseverence is the key!

So the lesson? Identify your goals and pursue them with relentless enthusiasm! Obstacles, naysayers and odds be damned! As long as you believe in you then your goal IS attainable.

Improbable doesnt mean impossible! 

So what ideas have you stuck in the brainstorming stage? What projects have you been reluctant (scared) to start? Starting a business? Launching a podcast or YouTube channel? Lobbying for a promotion? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Lebron Lessons

  1. harmonygrocerygal says:

    You know this speaks to my life. I’m always planning planning planning to the point where I overwhelm myself. Currently in operation push through to get to the next level! I needed this ma’am!


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