Be Your Best Self…Not Someone Else’s Best Selfie

Growing up, we were always warned to not try and “keep up with the Joneses”. Basically to abandon the idea of struggling to maintain the same accumulation of notoriety, exploits or material possesions as the people around us. The Joneses should not be the benchmark for your success, social class or status. But nowadays the Joneses are not just our neighbors accross the way. The Joneses are everyone on our social media feeds. And its even more detrimental to attempt to keep up with them. 

Stop trying to live up to impossible standards that ultimately you’ve created in your head. Stop looking at these Instagram and Facebook updates and thinking that everyone but you has it all together. Don’t drink the KoolAid.

I mean think about it… Consider a selfie (running with this social media analogy). Think about how many pics you take before you decide on the perfect selfie. I know I take no less then a dozen. Each having the slightest difference in lighting or tilt of the head. Then you’ve gotta crop it. Maybe throw on a filter or four. All this time and effort funneled into a pic that is meant to look spur of the moment and effortless, a pic that you of course hashtag #WokeUpLikeThis. Nobody is actually posting their self while they still have crust in their eye and pillow case creases in their face. People are posting the end result. 

So why on earth would you think that when it comes to major life moments and accomplishments people are going to do anything other than post their very best of the best. We wont see all of the time and effort it took to get to that point. All we see is the final edit pic they posted that was beautifully staged to look spur of the moment and effortless. The missteps and failures are cropped out. The blood sweat & tears have been filtered. All we see is the end result.

This is why we have to be mindful to not get caught up in trying to outdo or even to match other people’s end result. Getting caught up in using others, and their seemingly perfect lives, as your benchmark is a recipe for disaster. It will have you thinking that you are missing your mark and underperforming. It will have you running around wondering what you’re doing wrong. It will have you so busy counting the things that you arent achieving that you absolutely ignore the successes that you are steadily wracking up.

And then what? We’re walking around feeling like we’ve failed, that’s what. We are left second guessing our self and feeling inferior and ready to throw in the towel. This is not our best self. 

Our best self is draped in grace, swaft in confidence, smells like ambition and eats, sleeps and breathes hustle. We are wonderfully and fearfully made and so we must act accordingly. 

Comparison is the thief of joy so dont let anybody rob you of taking delight in your own  milestones and accomplishments. And even in your own errors and lessons. The joy is in the journey and I dont know about you but I dont want to miss any of it! 

So the moral of the story is to TRUST YOUR DOPENESS! Your vision is YOURS for a reason. Because nobody else can slay it like you. The moment you stop sweating everybody elses [staged] selfie, is the moment you become your best self! Now let’s GO!

#TrustYourDopeness #TheJoyIsInTheJourney #ComparisonIsTheThiefOfJoy


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