I Choose Dopeness.

A few weeks ago I was set to blog about dating your spouse. I had a cute little “Summer Date Bucket List” printable and a nice little graphic all picked out and scheduled to post. But that morning, the first work day back after July 4th weekend, we were rocked with news of the murders of #AltonSterling and the next day #PhilandoCastille and the next day the #Dallas5. And in an instant what I had to talk about seemed less than trivial.

The following two weeks were a blur. While juggling my hectic life and all that it entails, I also had to deal with the feelings of hurt and sadness and anger as I watched a firestorm erupt as our nation became seemingly even more divided arguing over whose lives matter more or not at all. 

Was this the first time we’ve seen cases of excessive or unnecessary deadly force exerted by police? No. Was this the first debate on race relations in America to play out in the media? No. But there was something about this particular series of events that became very overwhelming, very fast. I had to step back and make a conscious decision not to let what was going on in the media consume me because there were definitely a few moments where I felt helpless and exhausted. I felt like my spirit was under attack. I felt like retreating. Scratch that…I did retreat.


I had to actively protect my spirit. I had to make the decision to continue working on being the best me (wife, mom, entrepreneur…) and the best representation of ‘Black Girl Magic’ that I could be even when I felt like it was pointless and hopeless. During this time it made me think though. #BlackGirlMagic doesnt manifest in spite of our tribulations but perhaps because of them. Because of our setbacks, our subsequent comebacks, and even our clapbacks we are able to showcase exactly what we’re made of. Our resiliance is so unbelievable and undeniable that it is in fact magical. We decide to be dope. Because trust me, as a Black woman in this country being dope doesnt happen by accident. It’s absolutely by decision. 

So I had to make the decision to only give energy to things that feed my soul…to continue to inspire and be inspired by those around me…and to be proactive about exploring my purpose. Life WILL continue to knock the wind out of us from time to time. We just have to choose to not let it take us out the game. 

When its all said and done, I choose to be dope, decidedly. 


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