Working hard? Or Hardly Working? #MomLife

Is it Friday yet? No? Why does it always seem like we’ve done a week’s worth of work when it’s only hump day? But with so many of us juggling a family, a career, a side hustle and our sanity, I guess its just par for the course, huh? Being busy is almost seen as a badge of honor for today’s multitasking millennials. I mean, so much to do in so little time… Overbooked is a good problem to have…one would think.

But lets not confuse being busy with being productive. Starting a list of projects will indeed keep you busy but if you haven’t followed any of them through to the end then you haven’t PRODUCED anything. If you’re doing a bunch of “stuff” but not slaying a damn thing, then what’s the point? Dont just do stuff, get stuff DONE!

And trust me, I’ve been guilty of being “busy doing nothing”  myself, as most creatives are. We’ve got grandiose ideas and lofty goals for days, but the reality is we just cannot pursue everything all at one time. Not only is burn out inevitable but our ideas dont get the time and attention that they deserve and NEED to flourish. In other words…we’re tired and we’re half-assing. No bueno. 

So how do we remedy this? Well you’ve all heard the phrase “Go BIG or go home”, right? Well forget you’ve ever heard it! It implies that only things done on a grand scale are things that are worth doing. Unfortunately, that keeps us busy arbitrarily chasing after big shiney things instead of actually completing series’ of smaller tasks. What I’m finding to be a much better and more important phrase is to “Move with INTENTION or not at all”. Get clear and specific about what your goals are and take small calculated steps to move closer to those goals. After all, small steps lead to great progress.

Its better to be tired from actually getting ish done than to be exhausted and left wondering “wait, what exactly did I do again?” The goal is productivity and moving closer to your end goal. Clarity + Intention = Results

Be intentional, I promise the right results will happen.

 Here’s to working hard, NOT hardly working!

#momlife #mompreneur #busymom 


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