Life for a millennial woman can get overwhelming. This is especially true when she feels like she’s the only woman who is struggling to juggle 6 dozen responsibilities at any given moment. Most of us are managing family, career, purpose, church, school or any combination of the above. And if we’re lucky, we find a way to pencil in some time for ourselves.

The chaos of multitasking can take its toll! Its a frustrating and isolating feeling when you are [seemingly] the only one who is loosing the battle against work-life balance. After all, your social media feeds will have you thinking that you’re the only one loosing your car keys…again, running late to your kid’s track practice or on the verge of another life crisis. We’ve all been there, silently questioning whether we are doing life right.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s life gets hectic. But us entrepreneurial women have a unique set of tasks and expectations placed on us. Aside from business building, we are expected to dote on our spouses, raise up our children, excel at our careers, run a household and forge a sisterhood, simultaneously. It’s hard out here for a pimp MAMA. But we push through by any means necessary, even if it’s at our own expense.

Why do we work so hard to tend to the rest of our responsibilities? The bottom line is because society applauds you for being a martyr. That’s why the hashtag #TeamNoSleep has 1.9 million mentions on Instagram alone. There is a certain sense of honor and respect in grinding and sacrificing. But its easy to take ‘sacrificing’ too far. The problem is that for today’s women, juggling has become not so much what we can do, but who we are. I mean, juggling and grinding is pretty much a prerequisite for being a womanpreneur. It seems like we’re all in a competition for who can be the busiest. Being considered a superwoman has its appeal, however, its detrimental to think that we can be everything, to everybody, all of the time. Not if we want to honor our own well being as well, anyway.

Think about it, when our task lists become lengthy and our pretty little planners are popping open, what is usually the first to go? We eliminate ourselves! We skip the gym or push our manicure appointment back a week. At first we think nothing of it. I mean it’s just one appointment right? Right, until one day we look up and realize that we haven’t had drinks with our girls in months or that our eyebrows have practically grown together. We eliminate our self first because there’s seemingly no repercussion. We aren’t missing a deadline nor do we have to deal with the guilt of letting somebody down. Those tasks that are easily qualified by other people get to stay on the calendar. They make the cut, self care doesn’t.

We become so focused on being #GoalDiggers that the moment that we do take time for ourselves the guilt creeps in. Our mind immediately starts to calculate how many other things can get done if we forgo that brow appointment or what marketing tools we could invest in if we don’t schedule that deep tissue massage. We don’t want to feel like we’re slacking off or not being productive.

Self care is not a luxury, its a necessity! We have to dedicate time to rejuvenate our bodies, not to mention refresh our mindset. We should indulge in me time. Enjoy things like books, bubble baths and body butters. Try a new pinot or purchase a new beauty product. We also need to invest in self care routines like going to the doctor, seeing a therapist and taking time to travel and experience other cultures. Self care also means not over extending yourself. You simply cant be willing to pour more of yourself into other people than you are willing to pour into yourself. Make taking care of yourself a priority so that you are in the best position to take care of those around you. Create boundaries for yourself that protect your priorities. If you don’t neither will anyone else.

Taking care of yourself gives you a confidence that will help to elevate you. This confidence in turn fosters fresh connections and brand new opportunities. Taking care of your body and spirit not only promotes health and wellness in general, but it allows you to move through your day at a higher vibration. When your mood is positive, that is reflected in the energy that you put out. The universe responds by bringing you good energy as well! #AllOfThisWinning

As any millennial mom knows, handling multiple responsibilities often times means a stretched budget. But “me time” can be inexpensive or even free. It’s more about stealing moments to celebrate yourself and recharge. For a list of ways to indulge in some much needed “me time” on the cheap, be sure to check out my article in May’s issue of Fierce Life Magazine.

So #GrindGoddesses, what is the most common obstacle that keeps you from following through with self care? What are some ways that you choose recharge?


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