Hello Lovies!

Thank you so, so much for stopping by! My name is Lia and I am the blogger behind Her Hectic Life! Her Hectic Life is a place where busy mommies can come to relax, relate & release! (Different World reference) HHL platforms are no judgment zones where we can discuss raising our kids, loving our partners and chasing down our dreams with relentless enthusiasm.

While I will also be sharing ideas and advice from my personal experiences as a wife and mom trying to start a business and run a household, I also encourage you all to join the conversation with your two cents as well! By no means am I an expert but it is my hope to provide a platform for like minded ladies to normalize everyday struggles and complexities of being a dope-ass chick! We’re all just trying to keep it cute amongst the chaos!





12 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr. Todd says:

    I am proud to call you my wife, and I know that life is not always easy. However, having you by my side and me by yours there is nothing we cannot conquer.I am so PROUD OF YOU for finally having the trust in yourself to know your voice can help other people. You are a Extraordinary woman and I think your voice and thoughts needs to be heard and shared with the world. I Love You and I will enjoy this Blog, especially when your venting about me…LOL…WINK WINK…..(inside joke)…….Love you boo


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